Who would think that an appealing and tasty fruit could minimize the pain and inflammation of arthritis sufferers? Tart cherry juice seems to work as well as most commonly used over-the-counter medications in treating pain and inflammation. Natural arthritis pain relief is what you get with the use of tart cherry juice,  without any side effects.

Extremely powerful antioxidant

Tart cherries, indeed, seem to be a super fruit. The compound in the bright red fruit provides antioxidants called anthocyanins. These compounds have a high anti-inflammatory capacity. They block enzymes associated with inflammation.

These cherries have a natural good taste. The most common type of tart cherries in the United States is the Montmorency. You can purchase the cherries in juice, concentrated juice or frozen. Dried cherries are also available, as are tart cherry capsules. Consuming about eight ounces of juice per day is the usual recommendation.

At the present time, more than 50 studies have been conducted on the strong antioxidants in tart cherries and their ability to lower inflammation, improve heart health and bring natural arthritis pain relief. These bright red cherries are an excellent fruit to add to the diet of arthritis sufferers, runners or anyone concerned with inflammation in their body.

strong anti-inflammatory effect and pain relief for osteoarthritis patients

A researcher at OHSU (Oregon Health and Science University) did a study of a group of women with inflammatory osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis. Dr. Kerry Kuehl found that those who drank tart cherry juice two times a day for three weeks had lower evidence of inflammation markers. It is a promising discovery to find that a real food has the potential to provide such a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Research at other universities has shown that the use of tart cherry juice can be therapeutic in treating osteoarthritis. Researchers at Baylor Research Institute studied the relationship between consuming tart cherry juice and osteoarthritis pain. The study showed that there was a reduction of pain and inflammation in most subjects by more than 20 percent. In subsequent studies, similar results have been found in athletes who train for long distance runs. Drinking tart cherry juice has reduced their joint pain after long distance runs.